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Taking care of dogs: Choose puppies: Empty Taking care of dogs: Choose puppies:

on Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:55 am
Taking care of dogs: Choose puppies: First of all you need to learn and choose suitable puppies for easy adoption. For example, if you are a new dog owner, you should choose a dog that is easy to raise and take care of. If you have experience, you can choose to own a "more difficult" dog. This article will guide you through how to choose the most suitable puppy. choose a puppy How to choose a dog You need to find out how the dog you are going to buy has a parent, if you are inbreeding or inbreeding you should not shop. Especially you need to appreciate its characteristics and choose the right breed of dog that you are looking for, absolutely do not find dogs according to the movement. You should only look for dogs that are 8 weeks of age or older, have received 2 shots and have been fully dewormed. When the dog comes to see the puppies' expressions such as whether the dog is agile or naughty; Are your eyes red or rusted? Does dog's mouth have lots of saliva coming out, coughing or not,….

If the dog is agile, not afraid of people and has no signs of being sick, then choose. In order to choose a good dog you should take the time to carefully consider, do not be in a hurry to choose the wrong dog. Prepare your dog's home: once you've chosen the puppy you like, it's time to prepare it. Puppies are like a baby, they love to explore everything around them, so you should prepare everything before picking up the "babies". beautiful dog beds Dog beds need to be cool. First, you need to prepare them for a very cool, well-lit home. It is best to have a spot near the door so they can sunbathe in the morning. You should not allow your puppy to stay in an air-conditioned room as this will easily catch a cold. After that, you need to clear up all sharp and dangerous objects so the dog won't swallow. At the same time, you should keep important objects out of their reach to avoid damage or biting. You should also close the low windows so they can not climb out. Absolutely do not allow them to sit on high and dangerous positions such as balconies or stairs. Often the first time the dog will not get used to the toilet in the right place or still very messy. So you should keep your dog somewhere convenient for cleaning such as the kitchen. You also need to train them in the right place to defecate. Feed the dog: The first time you should feed the dog according to the diet the previous owner has fed. After your dog has gotten used to it, you can slowly change your diet accordingly. For small dogs, the food should be finely ground or chopped to make it easier to eat. Also take vitamins and give them milk. Feed the dog.
Dogs need to eat enough nutrition. By the time your dog is older, he / she may be able to feed on slightly harder things, adding the necessary ingredients. This period should only give the dog 3 meals a day, not leaving food available for them all day. Look out for rancid foods that are too greasy for dogs. If the dog has symptoms of skipping meals, coughing, or being tired ... seek medical attention. A few other things to note: Puppies that have just returned should not be bathed with water immediately, if they are foul and dirty they can use bath powder. If the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, or if the dog is sick, don't allow the dog to bathe. Should take the dog for a walk. Need for dog walking, fun. You should allow your dog to attend training classes if your dog is too playful for you to control. Remember to give them full vaccination. This is both to protect your puppy and to protect you and your family. Also playing with dogs will help your relationship and them better. Giving dogs a walk is another way to help them train and be more happy. Grooming dog care: Taking care of bullying dogs̉ requires a person who is experienced. When the dog is discovered pregnant, you should take to the wrecked dog to check the dog's condition. After that, get advice from a passionate doctor for a way to take care of your dog. Dog bullying. Caring for bullying dogs̉. During pregnancy the mother dog is usually more intense, so you should be careful not to expose strangers to dogs. You need to prepare your dog for a week before the birth. A place for rape dogs h must be clean, quiet, with a clean rag so puppies can lie down. Before the mother dog bullies do not feed indigestible foods. If the dog is not yet born 6-8 hours, you should call a veterinarian because the dog may be difficult to give birth or the fetus is too large. When the dogs bully you should not be with their children but should leave
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