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As everyone knows bombay cat Empty As everyone knows bombay cat

on Sun May 17, 2020 3:49 pm
As everyone knows, cats love fish. Although most cat families are currently preparing cat food specifically for cats, they still cannot change the cat's eating habits, do you believe? Try giving him a dried fish to see if he is happier than anyone else, and even the cold pictures of weekdays don't care. It must be said that cats not only like fish but also play with fish. Don't look at cats that are afraid of water on weekdays, but if there are fish in the water, then it shouldn't be afraid at all bombay cat
As everyone knows bombay cat Bombay10

Recently, a small goldfish of a netizen was injured by a poisoned hand. After careful investigation, the killer was confirmed to be his own cat. But what makes netizens wonder is that the purpose of killing this goldfish with their own cat is not to eat, but to rob its nest? Yes, the goldfish's nest is the aquarium and the cat caught it.

On this day, when netizens came home from work, they saw a red fish lying on their table and died for a long time.

Looking closer, her heart was like a thunderbolt: Is this not something I keep in my aquarium? Small fish, small fish, you die so miserably, I will help you find the killer.

I have to say that this path of finding the killer is a bit too much, and as soon as the netizens looked up, they saw the scene of their cat pleading guilty: it actually made a nest in the aquarium of the little goldfish! Who is this fish killer? But because of the cat's motive for committing crimes, some netizens cried and laughed: cats often like to drill cartons. It happened to be collecting cartons from crumbs this morning. Cats do not drill, so they have grabbed the Aquarium to drill.

The cat-raising family will have a lot of meticulous work: cutting nails, ears, combing hair, feeding hair cream, etc., no matter how small. In general, feeding a cat is actually a bit more specific than feeding a dog, but the one thing that is most easily overlooked in a lot of cat farming details: the paw shear.

This is a very simple thing. It only takes a little time each month for the owner to be effective immediately. Today, the editor will show you the masters: What is a barber haircut?

Why do cats in the family have fur on their feet?
The fact that a cat's fur is too long will basically only appear in cats raised in the family. It's hard for us to find in a stray group of cats whose paws have grown longer.

Because: domestic cat's walking environment is smooth, there is no friction and no debris, and cats at home are very delicious and lazy, so domestic cats' nails and paws will not be easily worn out worn out, causing hyperplasia.

Stray cats, on the other hand, have a weed-filled habitat, walk on concrete floors and rugged building surfaces. It takes a long time to walk and find food, and it is difficult to grow long hairs.

In the family, we have a misconception that long-haired cats will only have fur on the legs. In fact, this statement is false. Domestic cats, regardless of their long and short coat, have a high probability of having long fur. It is more likely to occur in the following situations:

Long-legged hair is directly related to the cat's walking environment and daily life, which is why dogs often walk with short hair and nails.

What are the consequences of too long hair and legs?
If your cat's paw is too long, there are three obvious drawbacks bombay cat

If the cat's fur is too long, it will cause a little trouble for the owner. They will make it easier to bring dust on floors, windows and furniture onto your sofa and bed.

If the cat feels that its paw is too long, the cat will begin to bite its toes regularly and try to bite off the excess fur, which increases the likelihood of fur balls.

Therefore, cats should also be taken into daily care for cats with toenails and ears. Next, understand how to perform a simple treatment on cat paws.

How to treat cat feet? Which frequency is better?
The method of trimming cat's fur is very simple. Just use a small comb to groom the cat's paws in order to the very end, and cut it with small scissors to reveal a fine piece of meat. The end result is: when the cat is standing, all the pads can lie close to the floor.

Frequency of cats cutting their legs
Short-haired cats can be cleaned 1-2 times a month and long-haired cats are checked once a week, and if they become longer, they will be cut off. The simpler way is because we have to trim the cat's nails regularly, it is better to clean the cat's fur every time you cut the cat's nails.

It is worth noting that when cleaning with scissors, it does not hurt fragile foot pads. If you have a hair straightener, it's much easier to clean bombay cat

Other tips and precautions to prevent excessive hair growth
Because the root cause of too long hair is not enough to wear, the best way to prevent too long hair is to increase the frequency of cat fur wear.

Cat planks, cat climbing frames and other facilities may provide cats with a required level of paw grinding. In the process, the cat's fur will be worn and will not be too long.

Sometimes cats cut their paws, that
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