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Puppies with poor physique. If the pet's owner does Empty Puppies with poor physique. If the pet's owner does

on Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:29 am
Puppies with poor physique. If the pet's owner does not dry the hair in a timely manner after bathing the puppy, or if the temperature of the bath water is too low, the puppy may catch a cold, runny nose or sneeze. After the puppy has a cold, the pet owner must take the right measures to prevent the puppy from developing into worse. one. Keep warm. Puppies' body hair is relatively airy, not sufficient to keep warm from the cold. Pet owners should supplement the puppy's clothes promptly and prepare a kennel. If the weather is hot, do not always blow the puppy's air conditioner and keep the room ventilated and dry. Do not bathe puppies when they have a cold, let alone vaccinations to limit aggravation.
2. Review the body temperature. During a cold, the puppy's body temperature will rise, so pet owners need to measure it regularly and pay attention to the use of pet thermometers. This data is more accurate and avoids misdiagnosis. When the puppy's body temperature exceeds 39.5 ° C, it must be immediately sent to a doctor for an antipyretic injection to prevent high fever from burning the brain and affecting normal brain strength. If you have high fever and vomiting and diarrhea, you must go to the doctor immediately to see if you have plague or canine teeth, so as not to delay this situation. 3. Enhance nutrition.
Puppies are susceptible to colds because of their poor physique and affordable immunity, which is an important feature in improving nutrition. Pet owners should pay attention to feeding some nutritious foods, such as minced meat porridge, chicken liver powder, millet porridge, etc., plus some fresh fruits and vegetables, balanced nutrition, such as the puppy is not delicious, and may want to prepare honey water and yogurt, so that the puppy has appetite and appetite. Not only that, pet owners should feed the puppy a happy feeling quickly, and if necessary, use Meow Wang Amo to reduce cold symptoms and maintain daily physiological functions. time to catch a cold.
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