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Bajidu Dogs are also a relatively old breed Empty Bajidu Dogs are also a relatively old breed

on Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:10 am
Bajidu Dogs are also a relatively old breed. Although he has a sad face, but in reality, his secret is very lively and fun, but also intelligent, knowledgeable, docile, is a very good pet dog. Not only that, the Bajidu dog's body odor is also quite large, and since it will often drool, it will be even more smelly. Suppose you have a Bajidu dog, you have to clean it regularly, otherwise it will be really dirty and smelly!
3. Chinese Shar Pei Chinese Shar Pei was once an ideal hunting dog, and later it sagged due to wrinkled skin. It has a unique appearance and kindness, and it has evolved into a beloved companion dog. But Shar Pei, who for many years experienced everything, was really stinking and unbearable! If you are raising Shar Pei, you should carefully open each fold and meticulously clean it to minimize hiding dirt, bacterial reproduction and increase body odor! It is also the lowest to squeeze the asshole regularly! 4. French puppies The cute ugly French bulgie is also a generous breed now. It is quiet, small in exercise, cute, obedient, likes to have people, etc., and with many advantages. Besides, the infamous way of coping is also very fragrant, and it also likes drooling, if it is fart, it is purely toxic smoke, it will really stun people. Fadou is stubborn and can take a place in the global stinking dog! When helping Fadou take a bath, it is advisable to open the wrinkles on the face and clean it, tighten the anal glands and keep the diet light. It's best to consume high-fiber dog food that makes food crucial!

5. St. Bernard Saint Bernard is a large dog with a stable, very careful personality, particularly fond of getting along with children and being a very low growth partner. But the only bad thing is the body odor is very heavy, usually after 2 days of bathing, you can smell again, especially in the summer, it really makes people unbearable! 6. Boxer dog The boxer dog has its origin in the German range and has a fierce, active, sensitive, and responsible appearance. If properly trained, it is an excellent guard dog. Boxers are also quite stinky and their body odor is great. if they are not cleaned regularly, it is no exaggeration to say that they will actually vomit and stun! 7. Golden Retriever Golden Retriever is one of the three most violent dog breeds in the world. It is docile, thoughtful and approachable and is a very famous "cold man". The Golden Retriever can have outside gear, deliver and take care of the children at home. This is an excellent companion dog and he is not a picky eater. Golden Retriever has a common point and heavy body odor, which is the owner 's biggest nuisance. Especially in the summer, the body hidden under the bobbing hair will make people smell! The Golden Retriever is still a strong shedding dog. The hair needs to be groomed more often, and diets need to pay attention to the balance of nutrition! About Demu, the impression that people have is that they are strong and domineering.

They often appear in the public eye as police dogs or military dogs. many people have seen Demu's good looks, they can't help but love it, and even plan to raise 1 Demu to go with. What if you were planning to raise De Mu? first of all understand the 6 shortcomings of De Mu, if you do not pay attention, it is really true love. one. Appearing on the list of banned families in the city that have enacted laws to ban dogs, German shepherds are banned in big cities like large dogs. Universal people don't dare to feed them even if they like them, otherwise they will be Stats at any time. Suppose you risk being fined, or moving to the suburbs to feed a German shepherd, then you really like the German shepherd, and you're a local tyrant! two.
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