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When I went to the store yesterday, where did I meet my friends on the road? Empty When I went to the store yesterday, where did I meet my friends on the road?

on Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:50 am
When I went to the store yesterday, where did I meet my friends on the road? At this moment, I saw a passerby holding a cardboard box, seeming to have something to worry about. Later, I found that passersby found a place with few people. Just put the carton to the side of the road, then leave without looking back. It seems that it is a choice. It does not bring any regrets at all. It seems very awkward. Only later did he learn that there was a dog inside.

And the dog looks very uncomfortable. At first glance, it was a sick dog. The owner just let the sick dog by the side of the road, then left. At that moment, I saw the dog curled up in a ball. Looking at the carton, I cried immediately, because I thought it was pitiful, and it was very cold today, it was coldly abandoned on the street, when I looked at the dog and it looked uncomfortable, I Pretty unbearable, I really want to help it.

When a passerby saw how I wanted to help him, he said to me, "Oh, a sick dog. If you go home, you might not be able to save your life. Besides, it takes money for a dog. " The value of one thousand thousand is not worth it, it is better to use this money to buy a good dog. Hearing the words of the people on the road, I felt even more miserable about it. The dog was first thrown by its owner on this icy road. Even passersby did not save it. As you can imagine, this guy is really pitiful. .

In the end, I couldn't stand the poor appearance on the street and it shuddered. At that time, I was called a miserable person. In fact, I'm also quite entangled. After seeing its innocent and misguided eyes, my tears welled up, and the moment I saw it, I couldn't cry, and my heart was really broken, whatever I had to wear. going to see what the outcome of the treatment is, because I can stand to see it doing nothing, that doesn't mean letting it die hopelessly, I can do anything to save it, so Say nothing, I take it to the pet store, but after checking it becomes small. At that time, there was really loud noise in my head. It turned out to be a serious disease. No wonder it became so fragile. Survive at this level.
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