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After the owner left Empty After the owner left

on Fri Jul 03, 2020 12:44 am
After the owner left, no one noticed the dog. After a long time, the neighbor of the owner went out on the mountain, and then the dog was bought. The dog is very poor at the moment, because he hasn't eaten for a long time, and his mental state is very good. No, the neighbor gave the dog water and took the dog home. This time the dog was creative and listened to the neighbor, but because it had been abandoned before, it became very sensitive.

The neighbor is very miserable and good for the dog. Pet people often make a large variety of pet grooming clothes. If conditions permit, solid pets will be taken to the pet store to embellish their hair and look good. another woman who owns another pet owns other people, it's a small rabbit. On this day, the woman feels that her bunny face can change its appearance. Its hair was very long, so the woman who owned her rabbit came to the pet store. Hopefully the experts can make a beautiful and satisfying look for their little rabbit. After the woman handed the rabbit to the hairdresser in the pet store, she started playing on her own mobile phone, and the hairdresser tried her best to fix the rabbit's hair.

And the hairdresser reminded the woman that she would design a unique shape for the rabbit to differentiate it from other rabbits. At the end, the woman bought her little rabbit, but where did she buy the little rabbit? After being reminded by the hairdresser, I realized that this animal looked like a small lamb, turned out to be its own little rabbit. I must remind you that the real hairdresser designs a unique shape for the little rabbit, but the shape seems too strange. The world is too big, strange things happen at any time, making people wild possessed. Lately, such a small black dog has encountered such things. It turns out 2 small ducks are looking on the grass. They don't know what they are looking for. When they realized that the little black dog, they were very happy. They immediately ran towards the little black dog and the little black dog saw two ducks, without possessing malice, play carrying them for a while, and then the small black dog was ready to go. The little duck follows the little black dog sequentially. From the grass to the steps, the little black dog was helpless.

Why does the little duck follow me? He quickly took two steps, and the small duck was still following. The small black dog, the small black dog cannot move it, it is very helpless. Perhaps, this little duck could not be found by searching for its mother. when you realize the little black dog thinks it's his mother, even though the coat is colored, he is not a species after all. The cute little duck really treats the little black dog like a mother and the little black dog is also helpless. In the end, it didn't have two similar ducklings. But the little duck followed him and he didn't know what to do. When he saw the cute expression of the small duck and the impotent appearance of the small, black dog, the pedestrians laughed as well.
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