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The local dog did the work of cats Empty The local dog did the work of cats

on Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:14 am
I never thought one day a dog would actually catch a mouse !! Isn't this the work of a cat? Don't think I'm spreading rumors, because this kind of weird incident actually happened. A big brother in the countryside raised a local dog, but at first he did not like to eat very much, finally realized that he actually caught rats every day. Scary, why is that?

The small dog in the family is not old yet, but still young, but full of courage. The city of Tian Tian Gou Gou leaps up playing on the surface, his physique growing for a while. Even the host city feels that it is not a small dog, but a small Tibetan clam.

The owner could not help but calmly began to discover that the small dog in the house was a little unusual, this dog did not like to eat rice. Sometimes the owner is willing to give the dog a or two bones, but the dog still does not pay attention, the owner also feels very depressed.

The local dog did the work of cats Cat-litter-box

Finally, a man of God revealed the cause, at first, the dogs caught rats at home in the city every night, then they would bring the rats they caught on the surface of the house for a meal. tasty. This time, the owner may be confused. Dogs can also catch rats?

The dog is not very old, but the ability to catch a mouse is not small, it is basically every few times to catch a mouse. Now homeowners feel secure, in the future do not have to worry about destructive rats in the house. And dogs can also improve their physique better by catching mice.

As for the rat-catching dog myth, some pet experts believe it is related to the living and living conditions of the surrounding dog. Many puppies do not form a full routine in the early stages, due to some external stimuli they will have some unusual and trivial habits. But it is still rare to catch a mouse like a dog.

Such a dog is simply too mysterious, perhaps too unique to help people catch rats in place of cats. However, proper adjustments are still needed to deal with the dog's habits, after all, no one knows whether such a custom will hinder the dog's growth. In addition, bacteria and lurking in organisms like rats are also very harmful, for the dog's hyperactivity is negligible. Therefore, the owner can properly fix the dog in normal life and help the dog restore to normal life.
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