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Previously, in the previous episode pug puppies Empty Previously, in the previous episode pug puppies

on Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:19 pm
Previously, in the previous episode pug puppies , we learned about pet rehabilitation pills. That can be consumed with dogs in all cases. This time we came to see it. What is that in a pet's rehabilitation medicine !! Pet rehabilitation is divided into two forms: one. 1. using hot compresses and cold compresses A hot compress is suitable for animals with chronic myalgia and arthritis. Helps relieve pain The seclusion of muscles and joints makes it more flexible. Includes stimulation of blood flow Two cold compresses are suitable for acute inflammation like the first 72 hours after surgery To reduce swelling and redness that occurs under both tips, the owner can help you make your own at home . Two recovery with supersonic. This is a warm compress, but can have a healing effect up to 5 cm deep in the tissue without overheating the upper skin. suitable for rheumatoid arthritis and supersonic muscles recovering by supersonic recovery by supersonic 1.

3 Electrical stimulation therapy for pain relief Based on principles of nervous system stimulation for pain relief (pain management theory) and Release endogenous opioid analgesics, with extensive painkillers available to help relieve pain. Therefore , the choice of equipment depends on your preferences And so does the habit of every animal. a.4 Electrotherapy stimulation therapy to delay muscle atrophy and enhance muscle strength in this way is suitable for animals with neurological problems. Electrical stimulation therapy to delay muscle atrophy and increase muscle strength. a.5 Laser therapy Is the use of light waves To treat both acute and chronic inflammation used to relieve pain Reduce muscle, tendon and joint inflammation, promote chronic wound healing and fracture healing.
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Laser therapy Laser therapy Laser therapy * Thank you for the picture from Medical treatment 1.6 Shock wave therapy Is using shock waves to treat chronic pain suitable for animals with hip osteoarthritis , etc. 2. Rehabilitation by exercise method In this method, we start with exercises with less movement. Exercise with the independent movement Or with supplemental objects that aim to return the pet to consumption as often as possible paws Therefore, animals should be taken regularly. We will choose a suitable exercise for animals. And the existing disease. The exercise aims to return the pet to the most common foot possible. And without causing any passive effects or increased pain We continue to look at the examples of exercise. - The standing exercise is claimed to be a vertical exercise using sash, ball or wheel chair. In this way, the doctor will often teach the owner to practice the training while the animal is at home. By the method of making that regular owner of the home there Standing exercises Standing exercises - foot recognition training (predictive training) is performing standing, losing weight by using exercise ball or weight board equal. In this way, employers can make themselves at home. not difficult to practice foot recognition (prophetic training) - Leading, going up and down the slope Up and down the stairs The owner can take the dog for a walk.

Walk around the village around the house or park In the morning and evening By thoughtful method to avoid on hotter days - walk on the treadmill on as if any owner with a treadmill to Running at home, they can be consumed with dogs. - sit-up training Walking and running through obstacles 3. Aquatic therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation therapy in pets. Because water helps feed animals. The result is consistent, free movement of the bones, muscles, and joints, including the pressure of water to help force the muscles to cause the injured part to exercise without pain increasing blood circulation And reducing tissue swelling. Underwater therapy As mentioned above, everyone probably knows that "rehabilitation" (rehabilitation) "is increasingly diversified, hoping that a lot of people will help each other. Look at dogs and cats." If there is any abnormalities related to the orthopedic system and the nervous system, don't sit still, right now, there is a universal option to treat it. The sooner we see each other the easier it is to treat.Finally, dogs and cats will be able to return to live happily.
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