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The amount of food is sufficient, cooked, should not be too popular Empty The amount of food is sufficient, cooked, should not be too popular

on Fri May 01, 2020 8:11 pm
The amount of food is sufficient, cooked, should not be too popular or too little or eaten raw and re-cooked. Evenly spaced meals, the menu must be determined. For example, in the morning, drinking milk, eating lunch, killing meat, etc. If you want to change the menu, you must practice it gradually, not sudden changes that can make them have digestive problems. Note is to increase the amount of food to suit Becgie's weight and strength. Remember to remove the worms for them once a month / once. For mature Becgie dogs (from 6 months of age to shed): at the age of 6 months of age onwards, we can feed them the menu of the mature dogs. Feed foods rich in protein, protein, iron, milk, ... to stimulate muscle strength. Mature Dutch Becgie should bring appropriate diets. Mature Dutch Becgie Must keep them clean and clean, the dishes are always washed, leftovers must be thrown away. Don't give spoiled food, don't give one meal all day. minimize overeating or over hunger. At this age, the whole family should give them annual vaccinations against rabies, deworming periodically. You should do this for the safety of you and those around you.
The amount of food is sufficient, cooked, should not be too popular Dog_ca20

If you spot Becgie dogs with signs of refusal to eat, diarrhea, and lying in one place, you should take them to the vet immediately minimizing delays, self-healing at home, can make their illness worse and compete for treatment. training methods for Dutch Becgie dogs when they are about 10 weeks old: You should begin to show them how to go to the toilet, how to eat properly. Over time, it will form a low habit, reducing the care for the owner. At this moment, the little Becgie is still quite lazy, still sleeping. You should lead them out, stimulating them to run more diverse dress. until they are about 16-18 months old: You should start to get them more popular, practice the simple exercises for beginner dogs such as throwing a ball for them to catch, to follow Daily bicycle (about 4-6 km), stimulates strong bones. Becgie Dutch dogs are trained from an early age Becgie Dutch dogs when they reach adulthood (6 months or older): At this age they will receive the training, movement of adult dogs . Exercises must be truly professional in order for them to be docile and possess a strong muscular as well as comprehensive skeletal system. improve moving exercises: follow the bicycle on the long streets, lift weights, find equipment by smell, ...
Teach them to be obedient to the owner: for example, the owner told to stop barking is the limit, the limit for running is the limit. Teach them to distinguish and fight strangers, but close and friendly to family acquaintances. You must always be peaceful, do not be angry while training Dutch dog Becgie. if they are wrong, you teach from the beginning, be absolutely patient, don't be beaten. Because of that you can easily stimulate the instinct to cope in them. This word leads to later difficult to control. You should own the rewards when they are affordable. like rewarding them with dry dog ​​snacks. This will stimulate them to be more determined to make it more affordable next time. The Dutch Becgie is really creative and agile. You should spend more universal time caring, caring and training them. If you do it right, the prize will be a useful Dutch dog Becgie. how to choose Dutch dog Becgie to raise. Want to buy a healthy, beautiful Dutch Becgie dog requires you to bring basic knowledge about this dog. Depends on what purpose you raise to make? from which you can make a selection of the most reasonable way: Becgie Ha dog
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