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Promoter for Plan B & Principal's Speech Zeng Heshun Empty Promoter for Plan B & Principal's Speech Zeng Heshun

on Tue May 19, 2020 8:01 pm
Promoter for Plan B & Principal's Speech Zeng Heshun a Hello full, I am Zeng Heshun in Pear Class and the initiator of Plan B. I am not happy to be the opening unit take pet training classes first for pet health managers following a special secret similar to today's meal. First, I want to remind you of why. To launch Plan B, Lizi Class has been involved in training pet industry masterpieces for 17 years. After disseminating five splits and conclusions, we find that the majority of courses do not really help students improve their ability and transform value. Because pet expert knowledge is faulty in the students, like assuming we don't understand the basic structure of pet hair, how can we learn SPA? How can you help your pet choose the right shampoo? Given the current state of the pet profession, we have spent about a year superficializing and polishing the content system and training of this course to improve our comprehensive expertise and ability.
Promoter for Plan B & Principal's Speech Zeng Heshun Dog_ha10

used by pet practitioners, hoping to use it for a year and bringing together like-minded partners in the field, trying to train 1,000 pet health executives for years. Experienced with comprehensive expertise and service capabilities for the pet sector, and together working to impact and change all pet industry sectors; Finally, I would like to thank the Guangdong GPGA Pet Grooming Association, Nannong University Teaching Animal Hospital, Wood Pet Industry, over 30 experts and professors and many partners in the field of support and Plan B's pet health management certification training! I hope that the students can support each other, grow together and progress together in the next 2 months and work together to become a professional pet health manager in the animal industry. my babe! Thank you! As an industry association, GPGA always understands how to change from the perspective of industry status, economic growth, standards and standards, guild recommendations and other important aspects, possessing the concept of " communication promotes common standards, collaboration and growth; self-discipline is with respect to values, standards of justice "how to build a pet industry in the Quang Binh Bay Area East-Hong Kong-Macao? This time, the GPGA and Pearson Classes have jointly developed online courses to train more outstanding geniuses, laying the foundation for the development of industry standards.

Mr. Zheng Hanwei, president of Guangdong GPGA Pet Care Association, delivered a speech: 2 Dear students, good night everyone! My name is Zheng Hanwei, president of Guangdong GPGA Pet Care Association. On behalf of the GPGA, I send a warm welcome and congratulations to all. I am happy to make friends with you to influence and change a lot of the pet industry. Faced with the development of the industry, when we issued a summons to "run pet's health", the first thing was to change the industry's bad phenomena and promote healthy health and neglect. of the profession, the second is "standing firm in the industry, the field of manufacturers", hoping the universal ideal more genius can be cultivated to return to industry, and the common goal. Department is always for the pets that accompany us. A pet is not your life, but you are its life. As pet owners, most of the things we do today are to understand it cheaper and to help it grow healthy and happy. Industry drivers are not only grown, but also selected.

Everyone here today is carefully selected by us. We bring together people in different sectors of the pet industry, gather together the industry elite who can "see tomorrow" and aim to create a new civilized ecosystem. for the pet industry in the future. students, today everyone has become a member of the "pet health executive" team, opening a new chapter and a new competition has begun. Just go ahead, make progress, climb to the top, keep a grateful heart, thank the industry, always maintain a positive heart, achieve perfection and fulfill yourself. In parallel, I wish our first "pet health executive course" to be successful! Adjusting the pet industry is not only the duty of the GPGA, but also the responsibility of each of our pet owners.
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