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This property must be the legendary two-sided cat? Empty This property must be the legendary two-sided cat?

Thu Jun 25, 2020 11:56 am
This property must be the legendary two-sided cat? The woman also scanned the picture of the cat on the guild foundation, but did not expect it to spread the discussion. Popular people fascinated by the appearance of cats, this little thing looks so characteristic! Hair is evenly distributed. Some people also suspect that this is a female PS, but when they see the cat's real face, they are also convinced. When veterinarian Xiao Ming realizes the cat's appearance, he can't help but be drawn into it. So lucky! It was black and white, and it felt like it could separate the two corners of a cat! I wonder if this damn shovel worker with the illusion of raising two cats? Xiaoming Veterinary Technology: Xiaoming Veterinary found that popular shit officers love to dye cat fur, which is really not recommended.[][/url]

As a result, poor hair dyes contain many chemical reagents. If they come into contact with cat skin, they can cause skin problems or even skin ulcers. In addition, cats also have a habit of licking their fur. if they accidentally eat the stomach, they can also cause cat poisoning. Some cats do not like being dyed, and may be depressed. For the sake of cat health, damn officers should still be thorough! In the impression of the whole people, the police dogs always reach out to people feeling unskilled and difficult to get close, but in reality, under the appearance of the fastidious people, they also have a heart. Soft and cute. So, some police have changed police dogs to make them grow closer. Veterinarian Xiaoming will share a cute police dog with you today. This foreign police station keeps a horse dog, because the dog looks quite aggressive, so every time the police take it out, people will always be far away from them in their minds.

The police may feel the dog's ill-fated, and obviously the dog wants to interact with people. The police suddenly thought of an affordable way. Since the appearance of the dog is so difficult to get close, let's come over and fix it. They have bought most of the hats and dogs, so police dogs will appear on the eye-catching show every day. It was worn as a "bunny girl" for a while, and it was a soccer player for a while. Therefore, every time the police dog patrols, the unique shape always draws people through the streets to take pictures, and the dog also shows perfect friendliness. It even collaborates with passers-by and poses in the universal silly and cute manner. Cute designs really make people come back. After seeing the shape of the dog, people couldn't help but make fun of: "The contrast of this dog is so wonderful! It's the heart of a tough girl!"

The dog also caught fire because of these cute shapes. become the "spokesman" of the police station. rejecting veterinarian Xiaoming was also exposed by dogs, breaking the cauldron of the image that owns the police dogs in our hearts. Who says police dogs can't sell cute dogs? Although their work requires them to be majestic, but they are really excited to bring the love of everyone! rejects veterinarian Xiao Mingke: Dogs possess excellent sense of smell and hearing. People just look at their abilities and train them into working dogs to assist people at work. So what should we do when we meet the dogs that are making this? If the dog is in the field of duty, we can't bother them before. Because it is easy to distract the dog and mislead the dog, this is very dangerous. I also hope that everyone will be good to our low partners.
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