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Perhaps everyone is experienced Empty Perhaps everyone is experienced

on Sat Aug 22, 2020 6:54 am
Perhaps everyone is experienced, and more and more wild dogs are popping up on the streets. Recently, in front of a friend's house appeared a stray dog, it was very skinny and very dirty. The housekeepers are all walking around as if seeing pathogens, they also think of Fa'er to chase it away, but who thought of where the poor stray dogs could go?

Seeing the pitiful dog, my friend felt a little pity, felt the dog was close to him, so he took him home. My friend just came home immediately to get food, food from the kitchen, put it in front of the stray dog, looking hungry, the dog quickly ate it!

Dirty dogs always make people want to hide, so the friend poured water into the dog to give the dog a comfortable hot bath, the dog was so clean, it could not be any longer. It's beautiful! Have prepared a nest for the dog.

Because the dog is thin and small, my friend took him to the pet hospital and discovered that the dog's body is not very good, not being able to live a normal life for a long time, so I drank some nutrient solution and did a full body check. . Make sure the dog has no other problems before bringing it home and taking care of it.

After more than half a month of care, the dog slowly recovered and is no longer as skinny and small as at first. New, shiny hair, just like a beautiful princess, was nowhere to be seen.

As the dog grew older, some competent dog lovers realized that this was a precious dog - Alaska. After a neighbor heard the news, especially after seeing the dog's current form, everything was fine. I regret not bringing him home for adoption!
In fact, many people keep pets for fun in their lives. It is very enjoyable to accompany and play with your pet when you are healthy. In the pet world, cat-loving cats have become a favorite of many people.

Keep the cat at home. If you want to discover interesting things about the cat, you can install a small camera at home to capture every moment of the cat. Because the cat is capable of doing some especially interesting things when the owner is not at home. Maybe your cat will become an internet celebrity with these little videos.

There's a netizen cat who is exceptionally good at doing things. Their cat does all sorts of funny tricks when netizens are not at home. Netizens often share small videos of cats among their friends, and every time they see the kitten, they find it very funny. I want to go to a netizen's house to play this cat.

In recent days, netizens took kittens to swim, after swimming a few laps, they discovered that the kittens were drinking water by the pool, so they scared them. So netizens dived next to the kitten and suddenly jumped out of the water, making the kitten scared to run away.
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