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He took out a "magic weapon" that the ham dogs: brown Empty He took out a "magic weapon" that the ham dogs: brown

on Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:54 am
He took out a "magic weapon" that the ham dogs: brown, sticky and some in the middle, emitting a strange smell ... ... no no no, not as you might think, it's just bean butter. Peanut butter! The owner first smelled the peanut butter for the dog, and then smeared it on the edge of the tub ... you didn't say, this scene was really like a mop ... and one of the butter dumpling samples peanuts still fall in the water, float in the water Looks like ... Can BB be charming with peanut butter success? The Alaska Terrier leaned against the tub and sadly looked at the peanut butter across the tank: I like to eat the whole thing, but I don't want to get water, so owner, do you understand what I mean?
Teacher: I blame you! Hurry up and bathe in me! reminded by mouth, the owner still could not bear coercive measures against it, so he could only watch the dog feared of water curled under his feet and damaged. Two of the landlord's plans failed, and the landlady videotaped laughing and took a small dry slaughter piece from within her pocket. The temptation of small kills is much bigger than peanut butter. Not only that, Gouzi's attitude makes the two owners unpredictable. It skips the first part of the lover's small kill, then quietly walks under the pedestal behind the small owner and poses. Just when the hostess thought that she could resist the temptation of making small dried meat, she suddenly turned around and opened her mouth to the hostess, with a smile on her face, as if telling, "Throw it. Come here ~ "Throw a ghost! You die beautiful! The host couldn't take it anymore, watching this toss for five minutes, didn't bring any progress? Teacher's time is also precious! Therefore, the host picked up the dog and put his front paws into the tub.

The dog possessed shame: really? The cat kept by the owner could not stand, danced into the bath and looked directly at the peanut butter left on the wall, as if to mention: do you wash or not, you don't wash it for me, you can enjoy it The owner carries the supplier, but you can also eat delicious food, which is a good thing you don't want! Regrettably, actually being mocked by a cat in every area, the Alaskan dog feels offended like a dog, and eventually dances into the bath. After the claws dipped into the water, it lifted its fangs and hardened for a long time. The look that seemed to play must be water in the bath, but with something that made it awkward and unbearable ... The landlady got tired and decided to coax him with the mistress. Under the caress of the owner, the Alaskan dog finally stopped pulling and silent waiting for the bathroom owner. Anyway, the clutches were wet. it's a horizontal knife and a vertical knife ... In fact, it's quite exhausting when bathing. Alaska dogs gradually relax and utter a small tongue to enjoy.

The boss who looked at it like this is also very angry and funny: I know that this kind of low cooperation is not low, and this is not the first time I shower, I have to make this every time, and finally I Practical satisfaction, do you think you're running Off? Witness the scornful cat. He even waited for the tub to wait until he couldn't wait, taking the initiative to sit in the sink and lick himself first. Who would have thought that the dog that finally persuaded the dog to take a shower was actually ridiculed by a cat ... 02 Dogs were afraid of water too? Universal friend who does not hold dogs can mumble. How can dogs be afraid of water?
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